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Philodendron Melinonii Variegated ( Ruaysap Marble Variegated)

Philodendron Melinonii Variegated ( Ruaysap Marble Variegated)

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Philodendron Melinonii Variegated ( Ruaysap Marble Variegated)

full plant , fully rooted 

perfect condition pretty big size 

pot size 12inches 



Standard Terms & Conditions


1. General

1.1. Purchasing plants overseas with long transportation process, customers are fully aware that plant might not be in its best condition when it arrives and it will take time to recover.

1.2. It is customer’s responsibility to understand whether the plants are forbidden or not in their country and understand the import requirement in their country.

1.3. We do not accept cancellation order after 1 day (1 x 24 hours) we received the order.

1.4. We do not accept return, refund or exchange plant. If you have any problems with your plants, please take photos of the plants immediately when the package is delivered and contact us for further discussion.

1.5 It is highly recommended that the customer input the phone number and email address for DHL/UPS information to avoid delivery failures caused by customer being uncontactable. DHL/UPS Express require acceptance signature on delivery.



2. Export

2.1. Customer shall ensure the address for delivery maximum 2 days after ordering plant. This address will be used as a reference in export documents.

2.2. We don't accept any request to declare the shipment as Non Plant or other illegal actions.

2.3. Please note that some countries require Import Permit or other documents. It is customer responsibility to provide all necessary document for Importation. For example:

a. Customer from Canada is required to provide Import Permit.

b. Customer from USA shall provide import permit for purchase more than 12 plants.

2.4. We have to proceed Phytosanitary certificate prior to shipping which usually takes 1-3 working days.


3. Shipping

3.1. Plants are carefully sanitized then covered with moist sphagnum moss and rolled up in paper and air bubbles to protect leaves from damage and put in cardboard boxes (For cold weather we will use PE insulation and styrofoam boxes as a packaging).

3.2. Tracking number will be provided on Etsy System.

3.3. Customer shall understand, shipping duration depends on the Custom Clearance process in your country. In term of delay, Customer shall contact DHL/UPS/EMS contact centre/ local call centre.

3.4. We are not liable for any loss, damage, death, or injury arising directly or indirectly from any process caused by customs or shipping process (handling, treatment, and release time). Customers agrees to not request any refund or plant replacement or other compensation.

3.6. We don't accept return packages for any reasons. Plant will be destroyed by Customs when returning back to Thailand.


** Due to countries regulation differences, some countries DO sanitize or sterilize plants using chemical or doing heater procedures. We DO NOT responsible of the sanitizing or sterilization procedures in your country that caused plant to arrived dead.





🎥 Please take pictures and video before unboxing, and during unboxing clearly not edited anything and send all to me  immediately.


Payment accepted: Wise and Bank to Bank wire transfer .


If you want to find variegated and rare plant

You can feel free to DM for get pictures and price.

Shipping & Returns


• We ship all orders by Dragon Courier Service  which normally will arrive in 6-8 working days 

• Please make sure that your address is correct before you pay.

• The item will be shipped out within 7 days after you have paid for it. 

• shipping cost is vary depending in each country and dimension of the box. 

Shipping cost to USA starting at 250USD include phytosanitary cost. 

We don't accept return or refund in any case.

Care Instructions

After you receive your plants please do not put them straight into soil. It is best to let them acclimatize to new environment first. The best and safest method is to use clean water.

It takes about a week or two for plants to adjust to new environment. During this rehab your plants might lose some leaf ( yellowing or fall off ) So please don't be worry this is normal.

after one or two weeks you should check root system . If it is still looks healthy you can proceed to put them in your medium that you prepared.

Remember that plants also need sometime after long journey like we human do. Give them some time to shine. Happy Planting !!

If there is any problem please feel free to direct contact me.

IG : @plantsmepleaseth

Email :

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